Contractors and Contractors Surety

If you’re a contractor, you need contractors surety coverage

A financial promise behind your bid, your work and your business practices. Without it, you will be disqualified from many contracts.

We’re specialists in insurance for contractors. We offer all of the following bonds:

  • Bid/Tender Bond: Offers the client security that you will accept the job if your bid is successful.
  • Surety’s Consent/Agreement Bond: Used with the Bid Bond, promises the insurer will issue the final bonds to the contractor.
  • Performance Bond: Provides assurance that you will complete the contract according to all the terms and conditions.
  • Labour and Material Bond: Provides assurances that you will pay third parties who have worked or provided supplies to the contract.
  • Maintenance Bond: Guarantees you will comply with the warranty provisions of the contract.


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